LRX parser generator for C++


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UTRS used my software to built an ATLAS-to-XML tranalator for the US Navy.

Advanced Micro Devices used my software to build an experimental C compiler to research parallel optimizations for the vectorized instructions in an AMD chip.

Telelogic acquired Popkin Software who had used my software to create language processors that import Oracle SQL and DB2 SQL code into their System Architect product.  They had about 70,000 customers.  Telelogic was eventually bought by IBM.

Iris Associates
Iris Associates used my software to build the Lotus-Script language interpreter which resides in Lotus Notes.  Iris Associates was eventually bought by Lotus Software for $84,000,000. In 1999, the number of Lotus Notes users was over 135,000,000.

Byte Craft
Byte Craft used my software to develop C-language compilers and cross-compilers for embedded software development.

Cypress Software
Cypress Software used my software to build the Enable-Basic scripting engine which they licensed to over 1,000 customers in 40 countries.

Data Direct
Data Direct used my software to build a COBOL source-code analyzer. 

Information Builders
Information Builders used my software to build several language processors and eventually recommended that my software be used for all language-development efforts in the company.

Borland used my parser generator for special language-based projects.

Wild Hare Computers
Wild Hare Computers used my software to develop a COBOL compiler for Data General systems.

Scandura Systems
Scandura Systems used my software to build its reverse-engineering system to import source code written in Ada, COBOL, FORTRAN, C, C++ and other languages.

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